Optimizing Outsourced Operations in Life Sciences

Industry trends
Supply chain

The life sciences industry has expanded tremendously in recent decades, causing leaders to leverage new solutions to respond to growing geopolitical and regulatory demands. Contract development and manufacturing organizations (CDMOs), like Cambrex, are attractive for companies looking for the expertise to respond and adjust to these pressures.

Our infographic explores current partnership preferences among life sciences organizations, along with onshoring trends that have greatly affected the industry, using data from a recent Citeline survey of senior-level executives in the space.

Some key highlights include:

  • The functions most commonly performed by CDMOs
  • Where in the development process dual sourcing is most prevalent
  • What leaders view as the top benefits of partnering with CDMOs
  • CDMO locality preferences and how this has evolved since COVID-19
  • Stats on onshoring – reversing previously offshored operations
  • Geographic locations of projected future life sciences projects