Grace Russell

Director of Chemistry
Snapdragon Chemistry, Waltham, MA, USA
“I wanted to go into chemistry and science in general because I enjoy the technical aspect. I enjoy learning about why things are and how they all connect. I went into organic chemistry because I really enjoy solving puzzles and I saw how you put the molecules together as a puzzle and really trying to make it as perfect as possible with all the pieces fitting together in a seamless way.”


  • Ph.D. from MIT in continuous flow manufacturing of pharmaceuticals
  • Has developed new technologies for continuous flow synthesis including end to end syntheses of several APIs
  • Contributed to the development of a plug-and-play flow system for automated optimization of organic reactions


Grace is a leader at Snapdragon, specializing in the development of continuous flow processes.

Areas of Expertise

  • Continuous flow technology
  • Process development
  • Early-phase manufacturing